This is what I want:<BR><BR>1) Search page generates a recordset based on the user entering a first name, last name and city name.<BR><BR>2) Web page displays one or more records in recordset based on this custom query.<BR><BR>3) Each record displayed in the recordset&#039s list of records includes a link to it&#039s own data.<BR><BR>Ive heard this individual record&#039s link referred to as a "drilldown" and seen it work in Microsoft&#039s dbWeb.<BR><BR>Can you explain to me how to generate the &#039drilldown&#039 link or point me to an article on the WWW or a book that will explain it to me?<BR><BR>I&#039ve seen the 4Guys... 6-part series on "Building an Internet Database Drilldown Application". Perhaps my answer would come to me if I studied that series but perhaps there is a less lengthy and more precise explanation of how to do exactly what I&#039d like on this site or another?<BR><BR>Thank, <BR>John<BR> <BR>