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    I am trying to use COM objects and I am registering them remotely...but gettingthis error <BR>Server object error &#039;ASP 0196 : 80040154&#039; <BR><BR>Cannot launch out of process component <BR><BR><BR><BR>Only InProc server components should be used. If you want to use LocalServer components, you must set the AspAllowOutOfProcComponents metabase setting. Please consult the help file for important considerations. <BR><BR><BR>at the line where i am calling my COM object<BR>any ideas why....<BR>

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    I am getting the same error when attempting to run (instantiate) MSWord from my asp page. IIS has a metabase setting "ASPAllowOutOfProcComponents" which I believe is defaulted to false. When trying to run an exe, I get this message. If the com object is a dll, you shouldn&#039;t have any problem. I found information on microsoft: support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles. IIS q184682.<BR><BR>I have not been able to resolve my problem yet. I don&#039;t have access to the webserver and have to convince people who don&#039;t have IIS expertise to change the setting. If you find a way around this, please post.<BR>sandy

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