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    Grant Berkeley Guest

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    Hi!<BR><BR>I hope someone here can spare me a moment or two! (I&#039;m completely stuck!)<BR><BR>I want to insert a date range into a table column. ie: 30/01/01 to 10/02/01 - by entering the start date and the finish date from a form or link and get the inbetween dates write to a new record in the table automatically<BR><BR>eg:<BR>ID / DATECOLUMN<BR>1 - 30/01/01<BR>2 - 31/01/01<BR>3 - 01/02/01<BR>4 - 02/02/01<BR>ETC ETC LOOPING THROUGH TO<BR>12 - 10/02/01<BR><BR>Hope this makes sense????<BR><BR>Cheers and best regards from a cold and wet UK!<BR><BR>Grant

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    Medieval Dude Guest

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    So yer wanting to do a SELECT based on two dates? If you have one date field in yer table, say it&#039;s called mydatefield, you could do this:<BR><BR>strSQL = "SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE mydatefield &#062;= " & startdate & " AND mydatefield &#060;= " & enddate

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