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    I&#039;ve have written a little simple class in ASP to manage a cookie.<BR><BR>2 Function were implemented<BR>GetCookie(Cookiename)<BR>gFirstName = Request.Cookies (Cookiename)("FIRSTNAME")<BR><BR>PutCookie(Cookien ame)<BR>Response.Cookies (Cookiename)("FIRSTNAME") = FirstName<BR>Response.Cookies (Cookiename).Expires = Now + 365<BR><BR>They don&#039;t work!<BR>I&#039;m sure there aren&#039;t syntax errors.<BR><BR>Is it possible to use cookies collection inside a class?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    &nbsp;<BR>The answer is &#039;yes&#039;.<BR><BR>There may not be any syntax errors, but there certainly could be problematic (or missing) logic. If you show us your code, we can probably help you figure it out.<BR><BR>

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