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    Veronica Guest

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    I have been working on the security system at work for some time now with the help of some of the script thst I get on this site. I am stuch though. I have been trying to give access to different levels for the different users but I am not sure how to do it. I have seen a lot of articles on Incude files but I am new at this and I still dont get it. I am using a SQL database and all the fields are in a table called User_Security.<BR>Level 1 - has to be given to the admin who has full access<BR>Level 2 - has to be given to some of the users will only be able to view the data.<BR><BR>please help me.<BR>Thanks<BR>Veronica<BR>

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    Decrypted Guest

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    Veronica, this question could have a zillion diffrent answers. It really depends on what the application is attemtping to do. For example, if you are building a dynamic folder tree that relates to administrational pages which are created from a database, then the answer would be diffrent from the level of access set simply on each data table/site section.<BR><BR>If this is all just going through one massive web page and your using ASP (you are in the ASP message board), then you are looking at assigning a intermediate controll table from which areas of the site, or other table access levels can be set.<BR>Perhaps you could be more specific in what you are trying to accomplish?<BR>

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    Linda Pyrc Guest

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    To do it in the most simplified manner which may be all you need:<BR><BR>In each asp page add the following:<BR><BR>Function = this_function<BR>&#060;!-- #INCLUDE FILE="Includesfolder/User_Security.asp" --&#062;<BR><BR>Then create a User_Security.asp that will query the User_Security table using the Function and the userid and set the User_level = to the users security level on the table.<BR><BR>You can then make reference in each ASP as follows:<BR>if User_Level = 1 then<BR> code to update..<BR>else<BR> code to display only ...<BR>end if<BR><BR>Basically an include is just a way of inserting code into an ASP.<BR><BR>Hope this is the kind of answer you were looking for

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    Veronica Guest

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    I want to give acces to authenticated users on the website that we are working on. The users will be able to edit, add, etc depending on the level to which they belong.

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