Whats up with this TEXTAREA Dissapearing Act?????

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Thread: Whats up with this TEXTAREA Dissapearing Act?????

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    JB Guest

    Default Whats up with this TEXTAREA Dissapearing Act?????

    HI,<BR><BR>I&#039;m tinkering with an ezine site. Users can enter articles from a form which gets stored in an access dBase. <BR><BR>The main area for inserting the article is a &#060;textarea&#062; on a form to insert the HTML for the Article Body.<BR><BR>When I enter symbols such as --& nbsp-- they are stored fine the first time.<BR><BR>However, when I populate the editing &#060;textarea&#062; from an access dBase memo field all of the --& nbsp &#039;s -- are missing and never come back after editing.<BR><BR>One strange this is that Netscape 3 displays the HTML as if the * are there but view source says there not.<BR><BR>What is up with this little dissapearing act.<BR><BR>In short, I would like to use a &#060;textarea&#062; to edit and stor html. What do I need to do so that its bot altered either storing it or retriving it from a memo field?<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thank,<BR><BR>JB<BR>P.S. I hade to seperate the & from the nbsp just so it would display here. I see I&#039;m not the only person running into this problem.

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

    Default RE: Whats up with this TEXTAREA Dissapearing Act??

    There&#039;s no problem here... if you send a &lt;br&gt; to a browser, it *should* display a line break, yes?<BR><BR>But I do understand what you are saying... One way to accomplish what you want is to use the server.htmlencode method, e.g.:<BR><BR>response.write server.htmlencode("&lt;br&gt;This is a &lt;strong&gt;test&lt;/strong&gt;")<BR><BR>Hope this helps!

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    JB Guest

    Default RE: Whats up with this TEXTAREA Dissapearing Act??

    Hi Mike,<BR><BR>Yes with regular html like <BR> its fine, but try putting in a double space charecter like & nbsp.<BR><BR>Of course if I put the "&" next to the "nbsp", where it belongs, it dissapears even on this textarea form input.<BR><BR>I use this particular symbol to hold empty cells open without having to use an invisible gif. <BR><BR>Try it here and you will see what I mean.<BR><BR>JB<BR><BR><BR>

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

    Default there is no try, only do...

    Yes, I know. Did you do what I suggested?

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

    Default Okey-doke... ;-)


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    JB Guest

    Default RE: I think I got it now.

    HI Mike,<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>I have been crunching code since 10:am this morning and I am a little blurry eyed.<BR><BR>I will be giving this a try when I&#039;m fresh in the morning.<BR><BR>Good Evening,<BR><BR>JB :)

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