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    Hi,<BR><BR>On my ISP all my .html files have the functionality of a .asp file. For example, they execute server-side includes. Is there a way to do this with Personal Web Server so that I can view the site locally and not have to change all the file extension names?<BR>I read somewhere that you can use use .shtm and .shtml. which surely parse the #inc. There must be somewhere on IIS where the .html is read as an .asp. I looked at the PWS advanced settings (not too advanced) and did not see anything like this flexiblity.<BR><BR>thanks if you got an answer...<BR><BR>Paul<BR><BR><BR>

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    not sure about with PWS - there may be a setting in the registry somewhere<BR><BR>with full IIS you can set it in the admin console through scriopt mapping. should be possible to point html at asp.dll in the script_map section of your registry, but try the M$ knowledge base before messing with it...<BR><BR>j

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