&nbsp;<BR>Hi all-<BR>I am creating an ASP application that works similarly to a VB app that my company created. We&#039;ve gotten most functionality worked out between the two apps, but there&#039;s one instance we can&#039;t figure out:<BR><BR>Other than cookies (or sessions) what is the best way to have a text box on the parent page, followed by a "choose" button which opens a new browser window to do a search of the database -- then to choose an item from the search result set in the new browser window, have it close the window and put the selection in the text box of the parent window?<BR><BR>We&#039;ve got it all worked out for the two individual pages, with an onclick command that closes the child window -- however, we&#039;re not sure how to get the variable from the child window to populate the text box in the parent window strictly using ASP (and VB script). Our only thought is to create a cookie or session and automatically refresh the page with that information. I don&#039;t want to do that -- it would lose the already-inputed data on the parent window. Are there any other suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help!<BR>Stuart<BR>stuarttw@pipeline.com<BR><BR>St u