I recently built an ASP based site on Windows 95 with Personal Web Server. Then I published it to a NT Workstation with Peer Web Services. There are all sorts of glitches now, from it not allowing ".." in the server.mappath (despite registry settings otherwise) to my latest problem: session variables are not being remembered between 2 different windows.<BR><BR>I open a separate window to allow a user to log in. That window reloads the main window, which then displays items according to the security level associated with the user. Works great on my Win95 PC, not at all under the NT Box. Debuging routines to display my session variables show the info only under the log-in window, but not the main window. <BR><BR>What&#039s most frustrating is that Peer Web Services (NT) and Personal Web Server (95) are apparently so different, and Microsoft&#039s web pages are a hassle to find anything relevant on.<BR><BR>-Daniel