Hi. I run an asp discussion forum that runs for hte benfit of a mainly west european audience. the server however is in the US and has its locale set as EST.<BR><BR>The diusc forum uses an access DB to hold messages and the date the message was posted. I Convert the dates to GMT before they are entered into the database so I always have a consistent timezone. <BR><BR>When I output the results however I let the server set the time. Bummner here is it sets it as EST. I tried formatting the date on output to GMT which worked but immediately irritated non GMT users who have to do a mental calculation to work out when exactly the message was posted.<BR><BR>so, I tried using client-side javascript to take the GMT date from the database and convert it using the clients timezone. This works but is very messy and a bit buggy on non win32 platforms and older browsers.<BR><BR>The solution, I think, is to format the date ON THE SERVER in accordance with the clients time zone settings. Is there any way the server can work out the timezone of the client?