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    Abraham/Boulder, CO Guest

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    I need to pass the datetime parameters to a sproc. When using Crystal 8 it will not accept dt only char. How can I code the asp to accept &#039;1/29/01 12:00:00am&#039; and &#039;1/29/01 1:59:59pm&#039; as start and end date, respectively?<BR><BR>I&#039;m new to asp and am cheating with Crystal. Your help would be great.<BR><BR>Regards.<BR><BR>Abraham/Evoke Communications.

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    Kevitt Guest

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    When you call your sp, I assume you are passing the variables in.<BR>So, use cDate(myStartDate)..cDate(myEndDate) such as...<BR><BR>"exec mySProc &#039;" & cDate(myStartDate) & "&#039;" & cDate(myEndDate) & "&#039;"<BR><BR>Then in your SP, simply declare those input variables as datetime. (ie declare @myStartDate datetime)

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