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Thread: input past end of file - FSO problem

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    I have an ASP page that opens and displays a textfile on a web page. The problem I am getting is that whenever I submit my request for the file I get a: <BR><BR>"input past end of file" error on the page that is trying to open and display it. I know that the file has 36 lines and I have it set up to read the file line by line as usual with 36 read lines. The weird thing is that If I refresh my browser the file is read and displayed perfectly. I am confused, anyone got any ideas?????

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    &nbsp;<BR>It sounds like your not closing or clearing something at the end? I&#039;ve had a similiar experience, but cannot for the life of me hunt down my code where i experienced it -- But, if my memory serves me, it has something to do with that.<BR><BR>

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