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    All right. Let&#039;s say I want to maximize the current window. I tried:<BR><BR>self.maximize();<BR><BR>That doesn&#039;t work. :)<BR><BR>What does work is:<BR><BR>self.moveTo(0,0);<BR><BR>But the window is still off-center a bit and the little windows GUI thing that looks like one window when you can maximize and two windows cascading when you are already maximized... well, it looks like one big window still.<BR><BR>Not only that, self.moveTo(0,0) only moves the upper left end of the window to the edge of the screen. If the window isn&#039;t the right dimensions, it doesn&#039;t fill the screen anyway.<BR><BR>I&#039;m wondering if there&#039;s a javascript function that can invoke the current browser window to truly maximize itself. Any ideas?

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    &nbsp;<BR>Try this:<BR><BR>window.moveTo(0, 0);<BR>window.resizeTo(screen.availWidth, screen.availHeight);<BR>

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