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    when i create a form, i have a name, subject, and comment field.<BR><BR>the name field im drawing from a session variable when user logs in.<BR><BR>the deal is can i make a form with a hidden field for the name will it get submitted as well as the rest of the form even though they can&#039;t see it or edit it?

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    Linda Pyrc Guest

    Default yes

    Sure will. Its a common way of passing information between ASPs.

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    New ASP Guest

    Default No

    You can do it by this way:<BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="the_name" value="&#060;%=your_var%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR>But they will SEE the code by using:<BR><BR>--&#062; view source<BR><BR>This is NOT server side code, so they can see it.

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    New ASP Guest

    Default how?<eof>


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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default <input type="hidden" name="hidden_data">


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    New ASP Guest

    Default RE: <input type=

    The point is:<BR><BR>The visitor CAN see :<BR><BR>input type="hidden" name="....."&#062; by using --&#062; view source !!!<BR>

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    Linda Pyrc Guest

    Default RE: how?<eof>

    &#060;input type=hidden value=&#039;yourvalue&#039;&#062; <BR><BR>but like mentioned by the next person it can be viewed if someone views the source. Sometimes this matters, sometimes not. The other alternative is to store it in a session variable by Session("YourVariableName")="yourvalue" and then refer to it as Session("YourVariableName"). This will be passed from page to page for as long as the session is current.

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    New ASP Guest

    Default yes,session var don't have to be passed to ne


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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default RE:

    Okay, well, usually in the context of a "can they see it" question, one means &#039;the presented GUI&#039; view of things.<BR><BR>Then the answer is No, not natively: You would have to encrypt the data and save it in a hidden field... there&#039;s nothing sent to or from a browser that can&#039;t be viewed somehow, so you have to encrypt or store it on the server.

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default ....

    The answer, is of course, it depends on what adam meant when he posted... did he mean not visible to the user of his web GUI... or did he mean inaccessible?<BR><BR>Only adam knows.....<BR>Richard<BR>

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