Hi all,<BR> I have a form &#039form1&#039 in 1.asp where I have a listbox "box1" whose values are from a recordset.Here , I have a button whose onclick event calls another asp, 2.asp, in another window<BR> In 2.asp I make some entry here b&#039cos of which I need to update the selected value in the listbox of 1.asp. I do it by using the code:<BR> opener.document.form1.box1.selectByValue(str);<BR> <BR>where str is a string variable in the javascript of 2.asp<BR>But I get the error object doesnot support this method/property. But msdn help has listed this as a supported function.<BR><BR>Please help me finding whats wrong here!<BR><BR>Thanx for ur time.<BR><BR>