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    sorry for my poor english (post from France)...<BR>during an adding record to a database, IE replies that the provider can&#039;t do operation. i&#039;m using PWS 4.0 on W98. i&#039;m testin my site on local. needing IIS 5 and NT or W2000 ?<BR>thanks for your answers ;)

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    Ofcourse the problem can be found with PWS, but let&#039;s try to solve the easy things first.<BR>Post your code and we&#039;ll probably locate an error. Normally PWS should render ASP pages as soon as you install it. (if in the right directory and so on... :) )

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    the problem was not with PWS, but with my query...<BR>sorry for the spend time and thanks for your answer.<BR>emmanuel

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