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    I have three SQL statements like: <BR><BR>select * from userinfo where SorGorP=&#039;P&#039; <BR>select * from userinfo where SorGorP=&#039;G&#039; <BR>select * from userinfo where SorGorP=&#039;S&#039; <BR><BR>i want to show the results of these three statements one after another, i.e. first the record of conditional statement &#039;P&#039; should be displayed, followed by the record of &#039;G&#039; and then &#039;S&#039; it sholud go upto the last of table, for that how should i proceed. I have tried in following ways, but nothing works properly: <BR><BR>"while not rscat.EOF and rscat1.EOF and rscat2.EOF " <BR>"while not rscat.EOF and not rscat1.EOF and not rscat2.EOF " <BR><BR><BR>etc., please suggest me the right way to do it. <BR>Thanks <BR>

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    Default CROSSPOST back to ASP Q & A - answered there


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