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    James McIntosh Guest

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    I&#039;ve been having some trouble updating memo fields in from my ASP pages, it will leave them as blanks. There are 3 memo fields in the form<BR><BR>I have read http://www.aspfaqs.com/aspfaqs/ShowFAQ.asp?FAQID=80 but I have no trouble retrieving the fields just updating them.<BR>Here is my code for doing this<BR><BR>&#060;% <BR>Dim value<BR>Dim item<BR>rsCat.moveLast<BR>rsCat.AddNew<BR>for each item in request.form <BR>value = Cstr(request.form(item))<BR>if isNull(value) then value = "-"<BR>rsCat.fields(item) = value<BR>rsCat.Update<BR>next<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR><B R>

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    KPW Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Don&#039;t know if this will help, but you might try changing the order of your last 2 statements and see if that does anything for you.

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