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    Rakesh Soni Guest

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    Dear Experts,<BR><BR>How do i create an order form off line which contains order information and this offline form will be distributed or provided to all my agents in different zones. And they will be installing it on their machine and will fill up the form for many orders one by one. And we require them to do this offline. After this when ever once in a day they will connect to internet all the order forms data should go to a specified email address.<BR><BR>Note . <BR><BR>-As our agents are non-technicals so we do not require the database support on their machines.<BR><BR>-We require the mail in html format <BR><BR>- our server support the ASP JMail component support<BR><BR>How can i create the solution of this problem.<BR><BR> <BR><BR>Rakesh Soni<BR>

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    Default Use MS Outlook forms<eop>


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