How can I call a function defined in a module Visual Basic in Access 2000, and use it in a SQL complex sentence that I pass as a parameter of a recordset in the property Source of ASP?. The goal of this function is to emulate the SQL sentence IF of MySQL.<BR><BR>The sentence in SQL has this form:<BR><BR>SELECT (si(PalabrasDescriptivas,"string to compare",1,0)+si(PalabrasDescriptivas,"string to compare",1,0)) AS Coinci,* FROM Bares INNER JOIN Barrios ON Bares.Barrios=Barrios.Id HAVING Coinci&#062;0 ORDER BY Coinci DESC<BR><BR><BR>And the function si has this form:<BR><BR>Option Compare Database<BR>Option Explicit<BR><BR>Function si(field As String, sval As String, value1 As String, value2 As String) As String<BR> If InStr(1, field, sval) Then<BR> si = value1<BR> Else<BR> si = value2<BR> End If<BR>End Function<BR><BR>The error that the Driver Microsoft Access says is that the function is not defined.