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    Vijay Patel Guest

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    I am using transaction ASP page using PWS/MTS/Interdev6/VB5/MSAccess97 but everytime it gives the "ERROR:[MicroSoft]ODBC Driver Manager] Falied to enlist a calling object transaction." eventhough that component works O.K. for non-transactional pages.<BR><BR>Please let me know, what are the possibilities to correct the error? I have properly installed Component/DLL developed in VB5 in MTS.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!!<BR><BR>

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    Akram Guest

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    It&#039s better to go for VB 6 for your MTS Components. Following are some of the solutions for the error:<BR><BR>1. Use TCP/IP sockets instead of Named Pipes<BR>2. Ensure MSDTC service is running in your NT server<BR>3. Close the recordset and connection objects properly<BR>4. Check out the Network connection between ur m/c and server<BR><BR>Try to debug your component by adding debug and runwithoutcontext key in registry for Transactions.<BR><BR>For further details refer MSDN sites

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