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    Firstly, whats the advantage of using a COM object written in VB to access a database (using ADO) rather than simply including the ADO references in the ASP (acronym city.....!)<BR><BR>secondly, im currently designing a site and could do with some design help. im quite good with asp etc but havent got a clue when it comes to photoshop. I was wondering if someone would be interested in designing some graphics or helping with some more general design issues.... unfortunately i cant afford to pay anyone though but i might be able to help u out with some asp or something like that....<BR><BR>my site is at http://www.geocities.com/ctxbsw/mstech/default.htm<BR>and my email address is ctxbsw@comp.leeds.ac.uk

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    COM is faster because it&#039;s pre-compiled into low-level code before being executed - whereas scripting is compiled every time it runs, and to a less efficient level.<BR><BR>j

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