ASP for real push not a periodic pull.

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Thread: ASP for real push not a periodic pull.

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    Mantar Guest

    Default ASP for real push not a periodic pull.

    I have an application where I want to send messages from an application to another application using ASP via a WEB server. I checked the push technology. It is a periodic pull. I need a real push, where I can send messages to one or many application. Can anyone tell me how to go about this. Thanks in advance.

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

    Default Bad news

    If you are using ASP, that means that you are probably using PWS or IIS, neither of which support server-side push. Sorry.<BR><BR>If it&#039;s *REALLY* important to have true push to a client, and you want to keep your ASP, you will have to check out alternative server platforms along with Chilisoft&#039;s ASP product.<BR><BR>HOWEVER - depending on your application (which you haven&#039;t yet told us about), it may be possible to do what you want with different technology. In fact, you&#039;ve confused me slightly with your reference to &#039;application to application&#039;. Since push technology refers to a server-to-client scenario, and what you are describing sounds like a server-to-server scenario, then &#039;server push&#039; may not be what you&#039;re actually looking for. If you&#039;re interested, let us know what it is you&#039;re trying to do, maybe we can help! ;-)<BR><BR>

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