Obtaining the client time.

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Thread: Obtaining the client time.

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    Default Obtaining the client time.

    Is there a way in asp to get the time from the client. and display it in the page?<BR>Thanks for any help.

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    Hi Dan,<BR><BR>If you want to &#039;receive&#039; the client&#039;s date/time and process it on the server-side, then it will have to be passed to your script as part of a querystring or a FORM post/get (using the functions below). If, however, you simply want to display the client side date/time as part of the page, you can do it quite easily using Javascript. I would suggest that you look into these JavaScript functions:<BR><BR>getMonth()<BR>getDate()<BR>getYe ar()<BR>getHours()<BR>getMinutes()<BR>getSeconds() <BR>

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