Help me please<BR> <BR>I have made a simple database with Two tables - a list of Drugs and the date with which they were released.<BR> <BR>I wish to submit via a form (post method) a date with which I want to display a list of drugs released on that date.<BR> <BR>I have converted the text output from the form into a date format (CDate) and queried this against the database using an INNER JOIN for the two tables and the WHERE command.<BR> <BR>But when I run the script I get no data.?????<BR>What really puzzles me is that if I input the same date directly into the WHERE statement, the required data is displayed.<BR>Further if I response.write the output from the form, it displays the exact date as expected.<BR>Further still if I change the output from the form to the word Date i.e. via TypeName(), all data is displayed.<BR> <BR>Therefore I have checked all my individual programming steps, but the end result is still no data.......<BR> <BR>Please please help, as you have guessed i am a novice<BR> <BR>best wishes<BR>alex jennings<BR> <BR>actual code I am using<BR><BR>Datprint = CDate(Request.form("datefrom")) &#039;to convert output form to a date format<BR><BR>Response.write Datprint &#039;just to prove I am getting the right date<BR><BR>Set rsprintlist = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") <BR><BR>strSQL = "SELECT Drughistory INNER JOIN datesupply ON Drughistory.Historyid = datesupply.Historyid " & _<BR><BR>"WHERE ((( = " & Datprint & "));" &#039;What the hell is wrong with this line <BR><BR>email me please<BR><BR> <BR>