You can contact me at loungefly3(AT) (replace (AT) with @ - spam protection.<BR><BR>I have more than three years of experience with ASP and SQL server. I have also worked with Oracle, mySQL, PERL, PHP, XML/XSL and many other tools.<BR><BR>I have worked as a developer for Dell and for a small dot com in the U.S. and am now working as a Software Architect for Ogilvy and Mather (the world&#039;s 5th largest advertising firm) in Vienna, Austria.<BR><BR>I have a sound understanding of good coding practices and of database design. In addition, I have very good communication skills (not a complete geek type) and business savvy.<BR><BR>I am interested in doing freelance projects on the side while I work in Austria.<BR><BR>Some sites I have worked on:<BR> - managed a development team and did much of the coding for this site (note, I am not a designer, but an application guy - don&#039;t blame me if you don&#039;t like how it looks). This site is done in ASP with a SQLServer backend. It also uses some nice XML features.<BR><BR> - I coded this site singlehandedly from scratch in a short time, all while learning PHP and mySQL. Mobilkom is the largest mobile phone provider in Austria. (the site is down as I post this message - I am making some updates).<BR><BR> - I coded several features used on this site, including a portable message board and a portable greeting card application in ASP (Access DB - screwy, but that&#039;s what the customer ordered).<BR><BR> - I coded the order calculation module for this e-commerce site in PERL using delimmitted text files as the datasource.<BR><BR> - This site has some problems, but only because it was initially built by someone else. I have rewritten many of the functions on this site to make them portable and more modular - all in PERL with textfile datasources. Still have a long way to go, though.<BR><BR> - I coded several portable modules used on this site in ASP.