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    cheril Guest

    Default meta tag

    Hi<BR>Can I read a part of text while reading from a text file.<BR>I mean if I am reading from a text file can I read what is <BR>there between the &#060;title&#062;Hello&#060;/title&#062; tag, ie here I would<BR>want to read Hello so similarly I would want to read all that<BR>is between the title tag for all my text files.<BR>My 2nd question is that in major search engines like,<BR> when we search for something we get the url of that page & a desciption below it,now where does the server get that description coming from,if it is the database then there are more than a million pages on the net so does that mean all are in the database, if it is not this method then how is it done,if its got to do with the meta tag then could you please <BR>explain what this meta tag is & how it works.<BR>Thanks a lot for reading & I would appreciate any help.

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    ebwm Guest

    Default a good adress

    hi!<BR>for the meta tag you have ALL (and a little bit more) ther:<BR><BR>

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