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    Hi,<BR><BR>Are there any differences in syntax for SQL statements when using SQL Server as your backend versus using Oracle as your backend?<BR><BR>For example:<BR><BR>In SQL we would have this syntax:<BR><BR>SQL = "select * from DATASETS ORDER BY DATASET_NAME ASC"<BR><BR>When we transfered the database to Oracle, the above statement returned an error telling us that the table could not be found. Then I tried the same statement with the database name infront of the table name as so:<BR><BR>SQL = "select * from DatabaseName.DATASETS ORDER BY DATASET_NAME ASC"<BR><BR>Would I be correct in assuming that the later SQL statement is the correct syntax for using ASP with an Oracle backend as opposed to the first statement? Thanks!<BR>

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    Yes there are some differences, never worked with Oracle, but I know its a different beast. The syntax that you should use has nothing to do with ASP and everything to do with Oracle. So, dust-off those Oracle books and RTFM.<BR><BR>

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    Default ORACLE...

    rocks, that is once you get used to it.<BR><BR>Anyway. You may want to make sure the userid you are using has explicit access to the database you are referencing. It sounds like the user has access to more than just this database, and thus it is starting somewhere else. Kind of like in the SQL tool for SQL Server, when you log on as sa.<BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry<BR>

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    My definition of rocking is not a database that has no auto-incrementing numbers like AutoNumber (Access) or Identity(SQL). Sure, there&#039;s the buggy CURRVAL,NEXTVAL, where you call the increment, but you have to initialize it, high volume sites overrun the values, returning nice errors.<BR>Why should I have to select * from Owner.Table, why does Oracle care who the owner is if I have proper rights? It&#039;s also missing a lot of the built in SQL functions that make life, oh, so easy. Plus, it&#039;s definitely the worst documented product I&#039;ve worked with in 15 years. Not my choice of a &#039;rocking&#039; database.

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