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    Does anybody have any good ideas on how to create a multi-page form? I would like to have a continue button at the bottom of page 1 of the form.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Well,<BR><BR>The shear depth of the question really leads me to believe you don&#039;t understand asp. but here goes.<BR><BR>a couple of possibilities. You could write one big form and hide the elements you don&#039;t want to use on each of the pages, the continue and back buttons would have to run javascript to submit them back and forth. You would have to set the value= to the var. <BR><BR>Could work, a bit icky.<BR><BR>Next, you could insert each "piece" of the form into the db as you go, and if need to go back, make sure you pull from the db into the form, if there aren&#039;t any values, then don&#039;t fill in the values, on the processing page, check for the row identifier, if its there, update, else insert. <BR><BR>blah,blah. This is far too deep a ? to answer in one breath.

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