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    ASP Gurus,<BR><BR>Our production server after running fine for about 8-9 months has started throwing ASP 0115 errors with the following message:<BR><BR>error &#039;ASP 0115&#039; <BR>Unexpected error <BR><BR>/default.asp <BR><BR>A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running. <BR><BR>Default.asp simply uses a bunch of HTML , DHTML code and some session based validations (using session variables). <BR>H/w and S/w specs are as follows:<BR><BR>RAM 256 MB<BR>HDD more than 20 GB<BR>MS NT 4.0 Service pack 6a<BR>IIS 4.0 <BR>VB Script 5.0<BR>MDAC 2.1 SP2 ( GA<BR><BR>Funny thing is that once you get an error on a page ( say default.asp) and then hit refresh or close the browser and come back in again, things are back to normal. You never know when the error might hit you again.<BR><BR>I have looked at all the MSDN KB articles and also I’m in touch with Microsoft Tech support. <BR>Microsoft had asked me to run Exception monitor to gather information before even it gets to the ASP engine. It generated a dump which was promptly sent to Microsoft for analysis.<BR><BR>This is what Microsoft has to say:<BR><BR>*** Response from Microsoft’s Tech Support ***/<BR><BR>Our debug team has discovered that Inetinfo.dmp crashed on vbscript. There are a few cases that ran into this crash and were resolved by upgrading vbscript. Others faulted due to code related to custom components.<BR>You are at vbscript 5.0 right now.<BR>It crashed when accessing F:TELEBRIGHTCORPORATIONSWWWROOTDEFAULT.ASP” Does this call any custom components?<BR>From our discussion, I don’t believe it does, but wanted to double check.<BR>Actions:<BR>Upgrade to Vbscript 5.5 from Continue monitoring the server and get a new dump if the problem recurrs.<BR><BR>2) abcxx.dll needs to be recompiled with correct VB project settings as below. Ensure all vb dlls have these settings.<BR>A. Ensure ‘Unattended Execution’, ‘Retain in Memory’, and ‘Apartment <BR>Threaded’ in project properties<BR>B.<BR>C.<BR>Additional information:<BR><BR>After you make the above changes, monitor the server and if it crashes again then get us a new Userdump.<BR><BR>/** End Microsoft’s tech Support response***/<BR><BR><BR>Can anyone tell me if upgrading to VB script 5.5 has solved a problem like this or there may be something deeper than this?<BR><BR>Also the dll already has the following flags checked: Unattended execution and Apatment Threaded. The only thing that I do not have checked is ‘Retain in Memory’ – is it advisable to have it checked? As I have heard that there is some performance related issues with it.<BR><BR>Thanks for your patience in going through this long post.<BR>

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    Default Anyone want to make this an FAQ

    well with the limited knowledge i have on this<BR><BR>you may have a fucntion, sub or something in the component you are calling from your ASP page without a error handler<BR><BR>cherck to see if all of them have error handlers<BR><BR>the rest of the stuff in MS covers a **** load of things...first try this and then maybe your problem will be solved.....if not come back here and let a REAL guru help you

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    Why would you *not* want to upgrade to 5.5 VBS? Certainly there were client side bugs in 5.0, so why would it be surprising to find server side bugs there, as well? (Although I&#039;ve found a few bugs in 5.5, as well...but nothing that can&#039;t be easily worked around.)<BR><BR>Only other comment: "Retain in Memory." If you are calling that component from your "default.asp" page, then every single use is hitting it, right? So why would you ever *not* want to leave it in memory??? As is, it&#039;s being loaded and unloaded every time a user hits that page. That&#039;s fine for a page that is only hit once every hour (or even every 10 minutes), but if every single user hits it??? I&#039;d definitely vote for leaving such a component in memory. Buy more memory if you need to! It&#039;s cheap!<BR><BR>

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