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    Can someone please confirm or deny the following.<BR>Someone just told me that there is a Windows 2000 and a Windows 2000 Professional; 2 completely seperate versions. <BR><BR>I had thought there was just Windows 2000 Professional, and then of course the upward versions (Server, Advanced Server,Database Advanced Server).<BR><BR>Is this true? <BR><BR>I need to run IIS (or PWS) - what is the lowest Win2000 version can I use to do this?<BR><BR>Thank you KINDLY for your insight and help.<BR><BR>

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    IIS5.0 runs on all versions of Win2k, which consist of :<BR><BR>Professional<BR>Server<BR>Advanced Server<BR>DB Advanced<BR><BR>it&#039;s on the install CD - the Professional version has a 15 (?) user limit<BR><BR>j

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