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    krane Guest

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    rst_DB.Source = "select * from farmacias WHERE Localidade=" & request("DE") & " Order By Nome"<BR><BR>i can&#039;t put this work :(<BR><BR>parameters. Expected 1.<BR>/des_farmacias.asp, line 49<BR><BR>tks

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    You didn&#039;t do it like I said. You need &#039; quotes around the text field you are seaching for e.g. the reult must read <BR>"Select * from farmacias where localidade=&#039;aveiro&#039; Order By Nome"<BR><BR>so copy this exactly:<BR><BR>rst_DB.Source = "select * from farmacias WHERE Localidade=&#039;" & request("DE") & "&#039; Order By Nome" <BR>

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    krane Guest

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    Tks... a l0t :)

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