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    I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this. I have a database which the user can search, pulling up the relevant results into a table this isn't a problem, is it possible to allow the user to click on the title of any column, (ie book title, author etc), and the results get sorted in alphabetic order according to that column.

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    I&#039;ve got something like this on our corporate intranet&#039;s phone directory and is probably adaptable.<BR><BR>Each title heading has a hyperlink similar to &#060;A HREF="phonebook.asp?sortby=first"&#062;First Name&#060;/A&#062;<BR><BR>The ASP then has a SQL script built in the following manner:<BR>sSQL="SELECT * FROM tblEmployees ORDER BY "<BR><BR>SELECT Request.Querystring("sortby")<BR> CASE "first"<BR> sSQL=sSQL & "FirstName"<BR> CASE "last"<BR> sSQL=sSQL & "LastName"<BR> CASE "dept"<BR> sSQL=sSQL & "Department"<BR> CASE else &#039;if nothing else works<BR> sSQL=sSQL & "LastName" <BR>END SELECT<BR><BR>If the sort is only required on one field, the above works.

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