Bill Wilkerson is "da Man! Thanks is all here.

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Thread: Bill Wilkerson is "da Man! Thanks is all here.

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    Dave Rose Guest

    Default Bill Wilkerson is "da Man! Thanks is all here.

    Thanks Bill. -Dave

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    Default WHO is Bill Wilkerson????

    Does he post on this he any good or just full of hot air???<BR><BR>The next time he is on can you please mark his post to i will know who he is<BR><BR>thanks<BR><BR>sorry could not resist

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    Default The Lone Stranger?

    He&#039;s certainly stranger than most.<BR><BR>(My name has been mangled a *lot* worse than that in the past! yesterday&#039;s snail mail, for example.)<BR><BR>

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    The Sone Ltranger? Guest

    Default Your NAME????

    have you ever figured how much MORE difficult it is for people to get my name right???<BR><BR>well now most of then refer to me as "AK" (i think they mean me) which is better than what i uset to work i get the funniest spellings and pronunciations but i insist then get it right before i continue the conversation...just my wierd preference i guess

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default RE: Your NAME????

    Heh. AK -HILL -LESH is the way I would pronounce it.<BR><BR>Try having my last name... least I know when telemarketers call me, cause none of them can pronounce my last name.<BR><BR>I think I started calling you AK, cause I didn&#039;t want to muck up the spelling.

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