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    Default Calling and external exe

    Does anyone know how to call an external exe from an asp page?

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

    Default Hope this helps

    Hi Jonathan,<BR><BR>This is covered by a FAQ:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Basically, you need a component to do what you want. However, you may not have to purchase the component, because you may already have one on your server. Check out the following code, which uses WSH:<BR><BR>========================<BR>Set WShShell = Server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")<BR><BR>RetCod e = WShShell.Run("d:utilspkzip -aex test archive.dat", 1, True)<BR><BR>if RetCode = 0 Then<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &#039;There were no errors<BR>else<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#039; There were errors<BR>end if<BR><BR>=======================<BR><BR>By the way, this is covered not only by a FAQ, but also by article(s) already on the 4guys website. If you have any further questions on this, you may want to do a &#039;search&#039; for this info.<BR><BR>Hope this helps! :-)<BR>

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    Excellent, I will give that a go..<BR>Cheers!

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