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    This really might not be an ASP question, although ASP is involved in my page. <BR><BR>How do I set the default value of a "File" type form object to a value in my database. I&#039;ve tried:<BR><BR>value="&#060;%=News("FileLocation")% &#062;" <BR><BR>It doesn&#039;t work. I look at the source code when viewing the page and the HTML is there, but the field is still empty. What can I do? <BR><BR>Thank you.

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    Default You can't do it... is a security measure in the browser. You aren&#039;t allowed to specify the file name. If you could, then you could also force the SUBMIT of the form containing the &#060;INPUT Type=FILE...&#062; and presto! You&#039;ve just stolen a file from the user&#039;s system!<BR><BR>So it&#039;s illegal. In all browsers, so far as I know.<BR><BR>

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