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    I use MS frontpage editor to code asp forms in visual basic. When an error comes up in explorer, it sometimes refers to the line number in the code where the error occurred. This is great, but does anyone know how to display line numbers in frontpage editor? I have one asp form with tons of code and an error occurred on line 1750. This is driveing me crazy... I find it hard to believe there's not a way to list lines numbers in frontpage editor!!!

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    I keep telling people that frontpage sucks. try using Homesite instead.<BR><BR>j

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    Frontpage doesn&#039;t suck, you just have to be intelligent enough to use it...that is just a reply to the last guy. I don&#039;t know if you can show the line numbers but you can press CTL-G and enter the line number and your cursor will go right to that line. Once you get used to the "CTL-G" you may find that NOT having 1700+ line numbers on your page that you are not using for anything, a blessing.

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