Error using "Upload WSC" for file upload

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Thread: Error using "Upload WSC" for file upload

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    I downloaded and installed the sample code for the "Upload WSC" file upload component (provided on this site) but receive a syntax error when loading the default.asp page.<BR><BR>The error is:<BR>error &#039;800401e4&#039; <BR>Invalid syntax <BR>/MySite/UploadWSC/default.asp, line 11 <BR><BR>The line this refers to is:<BR>set MBRequest = GetObject( strPath )<BR><BR>...which points to the Windows Scripting Component created by the author. I am trying to set up a simple file upload page and do not want to pay for a third party utility.<BR><BR>Any suggestions? Thanks.<BR>

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    you can&#039;t just have the path, you need the prefix "script:" and you also need the latest scripting engine installed. check it with the ScriptEngineMajorVersion() and ScriptEngineMinorVersion() functions<BR><BR>j

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