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    Default Please Help!! - Easy Sorting Question

    Can any one help or show me a good tutorial?<BR>I have one script that display a row of data from a database and I want to sort the rows. I am I going about it in the the right (correct) manner.<BR><BR>file is called select.asp?sortby=date&orderby=asc<BR>sortby= request.querystring("sortby")<BR>stringorderby = request.querystring("orderby")<BR><BR>then <BR>Select * from temp order by "&#039;&sortby&&#039; &#039;&stringorderby&&#039; <BR>you get my drift<BR>

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    Default Just VBS coding...

    file is called select.asp?sortby=date&orderby=asc<BR><BR>&#060;%< BR>sortby= request.querystring("sortby")<BR>stringorderby = request.querystring("orderby")<BR><BR>SQL = "SELECT * FROM temp ORDER BY " & sortby & " " & stringorderby <BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Dunno what all those &#039; marks were doing in there. &#039; doesn&#039;t work in VBScript and you don&#039;t need any &#039; marks in this particular SQL query.

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    You&#039;re on the right track except that the sortby and stringorderby variables should be column names separated by a comma. eg. "ID, Name" Try this:<BR>strSQL = "SELECT * FROM TEMP ORDER BY " & sortby & ", " & stringorderby

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    Default Not quite

    Your answer would be right id StringOrderBy was another field name, but it is just holding Asc or Desc to specify the order in which to sort the data. So Bill&#039;s answer was correct.

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