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    Brian Frankle Guest

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    When I save my Asp page I get the following message.<BR>The file has been modified outside the source editor.<BR>Do you want to reload it ?<BR>What am I doing that is causing this and how can I correct it.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Brian Frankle<BR>

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    It means you or someone else is modifiying the file without using VI&#039;s interface while it&#039;s loaded. If you&#039;re not editing it, then someone else is probably changing the name of a file, and it&#039;s attempting to update the links in your page.<BR><BR>Nothing to correct it... it&#039;s not a problem.

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    check to make sure that you have a working copy, and not a read only copy of the file open. That is one possiblity.<BR><BR>That could be one of the problems<BR><BR><BR>mj

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    Are you releasing the Working Copy before removing the Local Copy? Clicking Remove Local Copy before clicking Release Working Copy will give you that message.

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