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    Hello, I just want to confirm I am doing this correctly.<BR><BR>I have a shopping section for movie merchandise<BR>dvd/books/blah blah<BR><BR>My table to hold the info is called buy.<BR>The columns are, for example:<BR><BR>movie dvd item dvditemurl cditem cditemurl vhsitem vhsitemurl description picture<BR><BR>So, when I enter a movie via the form to enter the info, <BR>I put the movie, and what category it is, along with where to <BR>buy that item, and pic.<BR><BR>Is this correct structure? The problem is if I enter star wars 3 <BR>times, 2 for dvd, one for vhs, that&#039;s 3 records of star wars, <BR>and a TON of empy columns (Such as books/cd&#039;s)<BR><BR>Is this correct structure? I just want to make sure it is<BR>Entering/displaying the data is getting easier. But will it hurt the server/access db to search 10 star wars records with like 12 columns, when only 4 are being used per record?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    You may want to read up on normalizing a database. Where tables link to each other via fields.<BR><BR>You would probably have about 3 - 5 tables for the setup above.<BR><BR>Gotta run to a meeting, will try and get back to you.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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