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    I have created an ASP application that uses the XMLHTTP object to send XML file to a URL. The URL receives the file and then sends a response. I am using XMLHTTP.STATUS and XMLHTTP.STATUSTEXT to get response.<BR><BR>My question is how do I get the response back in relation to XML document and not the HTTP protocol?<BR>

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    Assuming you want to load the response into a Dom Document, try something like this:<BR><BR>objXMLHTTP.Open "POST", strTargetURL, false<BR>objXMLHTTP.setRequestHeader "CONTENT_TYPE", "text/xml"<BR>objXMLHTTP.Send objXMLRequest<BR><BR>Dim strXMLResponse<BR>strXMLResponse = objXMLHTTP.responseText<BR><BR>&#039;Load XML string<BR>Dim objXMLResponse<BR>Set objXMLResponse = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument")<BR>objXM LResponse.Async = False<BR>objXMLResponse.LoadXML(strXMLResponse)

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