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    If I have 2 frames, Frame A is for putting links and Frame B is for outputting main text.<BR><BR>In Frame A, there are links of "HOME", "SEARCH". <BR>When I click on "HOME", FRAME B will display info from "HOME" and it will highlight the link "HOME" in FRAME A to show that I am in the "HOME" info page. <BR><BR>The highlight will remain there until I select the link "SEARCH".<BR><BR><BR>Anybody has any examples or source codes abt this?

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    for highlighting u have to use javascripts. <BR>with HTML only color changes for active links, followed links, links etc can be created.<BR><BR>if just color change is required do this<BR><BR>&#060;style alink=so and so, vlink =so and so etc&#062;<BR><BR>or visit to find the script. u wuill find it

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