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    Hello,<BR>First of all i&#039;m sorry for my poor english, i do my best but... ;o)<BR>I would like to put on my website about art a "rating" ASP OR PHP script that allows users to rate each picture(there are 6 pictures on each page) and then the result will be immediatly added on the page.<BR>For example you have the picture and under a comment. You click on rate and then you can choose points (1--&#062; 10) for the originality, colour,...<BR><BR>So if somebody knows where i can find such scripts in open source please tell me...<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know if it&#039;s understandable so if you have any question don&#039;t hesitate to ask me...<BR><BR>Here are some links (in french) where you can see what i&#039;m looking for :<BR>http://www.bon-genie.com/default.asp (voter = rating)<BR>http://www.asp-magazine.com/aspressources/default.asp?tree=3&num_parent=1&order_cat=aac&id_c at=45 this one is very good too<BR><BR>This one, in englsih is goo too http://www.aspin.com/home/community/forums/aspadvan it&#039;s possible to rate, to add comments,...<BR><BR>Thank you very much<BR><BR>Greg<BR>grek@swing.be

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    A project that I worked on with a similar rating process did something like this. First off you need to put the image names into a database (dont use blobs) just the filename and an ImageID (or anyname you want) for the unique identifer. Then create another table that keeps the rating for that field and the number of times its been rated and the same id field for sql joins. This number of votes will be used in ASP based calculation of the score. For example here say you had this.<BR>Vote 1 -&#062; 6<BR>Vote 2 -&#062; 5<BR>Vote 3 -&#062; 9<BR>Vote 4 -&#062; 4<BR>Vote 5 -&#062; 5<BR>This would have one entry in your database like this.<BR>-----------------<BR>ImageID&#124Votes&#124VoteTotal&#124<BR>-----------------<BR> 3323 &#124 5 &#124 29<BR><BR>and another like this<BR><BR>-----------------<BR>ImageID&#124ImageName<BR>-----------------<BR> 3323 &#124 ThisImage.gif<BR><BR>In asp you would request the image name from one table and join the id to this table bases on the imageid (3323) in this example. You would then add the new Vote to the vote table first. Say vote number 6 was an 8, you would add that record then read all the records back. You would do a response.write of the image name.."ThisImage.Gif" then deal with the numbers. You have 6 total votes and 36 total..divide the total by the number of votes to get your average..in this case it would be 6 and response.write out that number...or do something creative and have images alredy done like 1.gif, 2.gif...and so on that looked like the ones they use at the olympics or something. In this example you could write out 6.gif .<BR><BR>Hope that gives you a start<BR>Andrew

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    Thanks, i&#039;ll try to do that<BR>Bye<BR><BR>Greg

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