Can I detect robots / spiders ?

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Thread: Can I detect robots / spiders ?

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    Jordan Ravka Guest

    Default Can I detect robots / spiders ?

    Is there a method to detect when search engine spiders/robots hit a page, and if recognized, carry out a series of actions?<BR><BR>Thanx!<BR>Jordan Ravka

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    Ian Ankers Guest

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    Yes, Search engine software such as Verity, Altavista etc. Identify themselves as a different browser type, this is contained in an IIS HTTP server variable (I can&#039t remember which one, sorry!). You can query this to determine if it is a search engine or a normal user. You will need to of course know the browser type that you will receive from each search engine. There is a list of these somewhere on the net.<BR><BR>I hope this helps, it should at least point you in the right direction

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