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    I have a to variable from request form .. i am trying to add them<BR>The result i get is combination of the both variables<BR><BR>var1, var2<BR>If var1=3 var2=3<BR><BR>Dim Total<BR>Total = var1 + var2<BR><BR>The result i get is Result = 33 rather than 6. why ???<BR><BR>Also how can I add two fields in MS Access table..<BR><BR>I have 3 field called Var1, Var2, Total<BR><BR>how can i able to add var1, and var2 and store the results in the Total field.<BR><BR>Please help... Thanks in Advance<BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    It&#039;s because the two variables are being interpreted as text.<BR><BR>Try this<BR>Total = Cint(var1) + Cint(var2)

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    Al Bear Guest

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    What I think is happening is that the ASP thinks your varables are strings and is merging them. try doing...<BR><BR>var1 = 3<BR>var1 = Cint(var1)<BR><BR>var2 = 3<BR>var2 = cint(var2)<BR><BR>total = var1 + var2<BR><BR>thios should ork as you are forcing the varable to be integers...

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