I would like to implement 3 drop date menus.<BR>The 1st menu displays all the days till the present day, the second menu displays all the months to the present month, and the third menu displays all the years from 1990 to the present year. If the year is changed to 2000 then all the months and dates are changed correspondingly i.e because 2000 is a past year all the months and their corresponding days should be available for selection. If the year is changed to 2001 the current month available for selection is January and the days from January the 1st to the present day are displayed. In the month of Febuary the 25th day the months available for selection would be January and Febuary all days in January will be available for selection but if febuary is selected as the month all the days from 1st - 25th of Febuary will be selectable as days.<BR>So if any one has a script please point me in the right direction<BR>Gracias