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    Hi peoples<BR><BR>I am runnig the following code :<BR><BR>&#039;reads in posted data and clears all spaces<BR>numbercategory=trim(request.form("number category"))<BR><BR>&#039;Check to see if value is numerical - turns out true<BR>if isnumeric(numbercategory) = true<BR>response.write ("is numerical")<BR>end if<BR><BR>while not (counter=numbercategory) <BR><BR>&#039;stuff<BR><BR>counter=counter+1<BR>we nd<BR><BR><BR>This crashes the server. I rebooted the thing about 20 times today.<BR><BR>When I replace numbercategory with a hardcoded value it works fine.huh?<BR><BR>I someone could please shed some light on this problem I would be very grateful<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Barry

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    That loop worries me, put this in your loop to see why it&#039;s not evaluating to true.<BR><BR>response.write counter & "=" & numbercategory & "<BR>"<BR><BR>You say you reboot the server, surely you just need to wait 90 seconds until the script times out and your server should start to respond again.<BR>

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