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    Iam about to creat a disscussion forum... <BR><BR>I have some problemes with a SQL statment, what i want to do is the following.<BR><BR>My SQL server database consists of 2 tables<BR><BR>One that holds the diffrent forums and descriptions<BR><BR>the other one called Messages contains the messages<BR><BR>MessageID &#039;identifier<BR>ForumID &#039;reference to selected forum<BR>InReplyTo &#039;holds the reference to the thread<BR>PostedBy &#039; person who posted<BR>ETC<BR><BR>I want to be able to count InReplay to in the following statment:<BR><BR>"SELECT * FROM Messages WHERE ForumID = " & ForumID & " ORDER BY Date DESC"<BR><BR>Please help me out!

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    "SELECT Count(InReplyTo) AS CountofInReply FROM Messages WHERE ForumID = " & ForumID <BR>

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