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    Hi <BR>I am writing an ASP application of on line shopping cart.<BR>In that ,I want to get a value of a particular cell in a table.<BR>i.e say a cell(1,2) ie row 1 and column 2 .How can I acheive this ? <BR>I have given user facility to search the books he wants.<BR>Based on the search criteria all possible books are displayed in a table ,with the book id and name displayed in the 1st 2 columns in a table and last cloumn containing a check box.So on selecting the check box ,that particular book must be put in the shopping cart.<BR>Can anyone help me with this problem?<BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Regards<BR>Daisy<BR>

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    all the values in the Table are in an array you should use the property of array. In the check box add value="&#060;%=BookID%&#062; so all the checkbox has a value now. when u check some books and press the submit button. <BR>For each BookID in Request("BookId")<BR> -----Do what ever you want- addin to table or session<BR>Loop<BR><BR>so in this way you will get all the BookID.may be this can help you i think.<BR><BR>

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